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This image doesn't need words

Amazingly harsh feeback!

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New Flash Game Is Finished


I have finished the first task from my Flash module at Uni today. It is a game in which you can change properties such as size and rotation) of the various sea life. This is the brief for the task:

Task 1  15%
Design and produce a movie in which a number of objects have a range of their properties controlled as a result of mouse and keyboard interaction. The code will include the appropriate techniques to listen for and handle events from the mouse; keyboard and enterFrame event. A timer event might also be included.

It was good fun to produce and it actually works quite nicely!

Keep checking because I have a new Mp3/Media player on the way as you read this post!

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Amazing Pumpkin Carving!

Check out these amazing pumpkin carvings! Seet the rest of the blog Here to catch a glimpse of even more and hopefully get yourself some inspiration for this Halloween!!

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Taylor Consulting Media Website

Taylor Consulting Media went live TODAY!! This website has taken weeks to program and develop and it’s now fully functional and ready for your viewing pleasure !

The aim of the website is to  provide articles in a newspaper format, representative  of what’s going on it the world today. They also offer satire articles which basically take the micky out of current and past affairs.

Click Here to see it.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Culture Promotional Flyers

I did these flyers with my business partner Nick Tallents this week for club Thirteen in Cheltenham. It was all for a good cause and I think the promo campaign looks good!

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Rocksteady Flyer Design

This is a flyer I finished today for my good friends at Rocksteady Promotions for their show on July the 20th in Leeds. I hope it’s a good gig for them and it certainly gave me a chance to show off my Photoshop skills for a change!

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