A Collection Of Work With 16 Interactive

I have Just completed a week long spell at 16 Interactive creating websites from flat designs. What does this mean you wonder?

Well….A website is usually designed with image processing software such as Photoshop or Fireworks and then that document is handed over to a Developer, like Me! This is what I did for a week and the links below show you the finished products. Enjoy!

Sabre Website (Army Stuff)

Orion Website (Holiday Retreats)

Frozen Visions Website(Photography)

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Hello Mexico – Prague

This is the début Splatworks music video, Prague by Hello Mexico. It was produced on a £50 budget and was an amazing experience to produce!

My personal role in the production was Director and Editor. The whole crew were amazing and we all worked really well together, and more importantly….we all had a right laugh!!


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Casino Sharm Site Goes Live

I’ve finished the site for Casino Sharm in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt today. I’ve put multi-lingual capabilities for Arabic and Russian visitors.

The whole point of the site is to help promote the special deals that the Casino offers to new customers. It works really well for them and receives a fair number of hits!

Click Here to see it!

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Solar Consumer – Revenge Of The Sun Star

This is a selection of images and the final Video from IGD120:

This image is from my IGD120 University module. I was given some stock images in which I had to manipulate to make the image. The stock images were poor but the end result isn’t too bad.

This is the fourth of the images. I created it all from scratch and decided to use anime/manga as my inspiration. It works quite well as a whole and I’m quite pleased with it!

This is the final Video for the work. Have a look and see what you think!


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Freyed Knot Website is now Live

Check out the Freyed Knot website. It features a self programmed MP3 player and a Photo gallery made in Flash Mx2004.

All the graphics are hand drawn and this website hopes to put this incredibly talented group of musicians on the map!

Click Here to see it!

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